A Gold Miner (Don’t quit)

During a gold rush, There was a man who was mining gold.

This man tried his best to find treasure/ gold but he couldn’t. He tried months after months and he was getting nothing but losing money.

This made him curious, Whether he should mine or not. Because he was really seeing nothing, There was no sign of success.

He had two options to keep on working, and believe in himself. And another option was to sell it to someone else and profit a little.

As there was nothing he found, So he decided to sell his equipment to another miner, But his engineer advised him that he was very close to get the gold.

But he didn’t listen to his engineer, He thought it’s over, He will never see any gold, So he quit it.

The new miner didn’t take any time to find the gold, He took advantage of the hard of the first miner, and found the gold right in 3 days.


Sometimes we are so closer to success, But we suddenly quit it.

The fantasies of quitting look so bright, It feels like if we quit everything will become right, The stress will go away, But we don’t know how close we might have been to success.

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