A Man, His Wife, And Donkey: People Won’t Stop Their Talks

Once there was charlie riding a donkey along with his wife Jennie, They both were going to the local market to buy something.

A man passing near to him saw this scene, And said, How cruel are these guys, They both are sitting on one donkey.

Such a shame!

The next day charlie dropped his wife off the donkey and was sitting alone on the donkey, so again this man saw them and said,

Such a bad husband, He is not respecting his wife.

The following day, charlie decided to go on foot, But his wife will be riding the donkey, Again this man saw them and said.

How stupid is this man, He is letting his wife ride the donkey alone?

On the last day, When charlie decided that he and his wife will walk on foot, and let the donkey be free. (no one will be sitting on the donkey).

This man saw them and laughed at them. Then the man said,

How foolish they are, They don’t use the available resource, They don’t even know how to ride a donkey.


People will remain people, It’s our society it does not change. You can’t change people, You can’t seal their mouths.

So you should not give a shit to what people think about you, What people say about you! It’s not your job to make everyone happy.

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