Two Friends: Value people

Once There were two friends Jhon, Alex going on a journey to another country, They were having a nice journey, They were happy and chilling on the way.

But suddenly they began to argue with each other, This discussion became so intense, That Jhon slapped Alex, at this moment Alex didn’t’ say anything.

Alex wrote on the sand,” Today my friend slapped me”. And they carried their journey towards their way.

Some time passed, They reached a place where they had to pass through the river, So they entered the boat and started to ride it.

Right after some time, The boat turned and they fell into the river. John knew how to swim, So he saved the life of Alex.

This time Alex Wrote on the stone, “Today my friend saved my life”, Jhon asked him, When I slapped you, You wrote on the sand, But when I saved your life, You wrote it on stone, Why?

Alex replied, When a friend does something good for you, Write it on stone So that it does not get removed. And when he hurts you, Write it on the sand, so that it flies away with air.


There will be good and bad days, sometimes your loved ones will hurt you, While other times they will help you.

It’s up to you, Do you remember their good attitude or bad ones. I think it’s better to forget the bad ones and remember the good ones. Stay happy!

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