The Wise Man (Worrying Won’t do anything)

Once there was a wise man living in a village.

The people of the village would come to him and his him for their problems, The wise man would give them their answers.

This was the job of a wise man, But after some time a tragedy happened.  All the people would ask the same problem over and over again.

This confused the wise man, He wanted to show them That they should find the answer instead of complaining only.

So he came up with a solution, He told them a jock one day, all of the people laughed and enjoyed it. the next day wise man again told the same jock the laughed and enjoyed little.

The third day when the wise man again told the same jock, none of them laughed and it was looking boring. So the wise men told them.

If you just think of a problem over and over it becomes a burden, Instead if you try to solve it, you will get the answer.


Thinking won’t solve the problems, Complaining about problems will make it more complex for you.

Just create a solution and take action, It will lead to a positive outcome.

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