Secret To Success

Once upon a young man asked Socrates, What is the secret to success? He wanted to know why Socrates is so successful?  He thought there will be a secret habit of him that I can copy so that I will become successful.

Socrates understood the question, But he wanted to surprise the young man with a practical answer. So he asked the young man to meet him the next day on the river.

They met on the riverside, Socrates took him to the mid of the river, Where the water was up to their mouth.

Now it was the real-time to show him, what’s that secret to success?

Socrates ducked him into water long enough, Then released him. The young man was surprised, He thought Socrates would kill him.

Socrates asked him, When you were in the water, What you needed the most? He replied, Air,  Socrates replied, That’s your answer, That’s secret to success.

If you compel yourself to be successful, If you make success as important as breathing in the air, No one will stop you from being successful.


There is no secret to success, It’s only working hard, There are no shortcuts, You have to grind yourself before you become successful.

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