The Best Artist In The World: Great things Take Time

Frenhofer was the best artist in the world of his time. he was so popular everyone knew him, He was selling his paintings and earning a lot of money.

One day he decided to create something new, It would be a perfect masterpiece, There will be no comparison of this painting in the whole world.

So he quarantined himself in the home for months, He didn’t come out of his home, and did his best to design something new.

In the end, he made it, He created something that he thought is matchless, So he showed it to the world, But all in vain.

Judges didn’t like it, They asked What are these strange kinds of lines, We don’t understand these things. They are useless, You spent your time on the wrong things.

But it didn’t make Frenhofer disappointed, He knew the importance of his work, so he decided to show it to the public.

Time passed, slowly and gradually people loved it, They realized how beautiful it was, They began to understand the art behind this painting.

From there this one-piece became his identification, People knew him just for this one painting.


Great things take time, If you have an idea, It might be new, but with the passage of time, people will understand the value of your work.

So don’t underestimate yourself, Think big keep on working, and never lose hope.

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