Giraffe And It’s Son (Difficulties make you strong)

It’s not a fancy imaginative story, But a real-world inspiration.

Gary Richmond studied wildlife for a long, So he found out about how a giraffe baby is born, and then it’s way to growth.

When a baby is born, The Mother giraffe wants it to grow stronger, Because they are so tall, They can’t stand quickly, it should be trained.

The mother giraffe looks at the baby and waits for 1 minute, If the baby doesn’t stand The mother does the cruelest thing.

She kicks the baby and asks it to stand, but if the baby does not stand, she kicks it again and watches if the baby has stood or not.

She does it time and again, Why? Is the mother giraffe cruel, No She does it so that she can train her son?

Because in the jungle they need to survive, They are tall, So when they are standing nothing can hunt them, But the trouble is when they are sleeping on the ground and the loins attack them abruptly.

This is the time that they need to stand as quickly as possible, and this is why the mother giraffe kicks the son.


In order to grow stronger, You must go through difficult times, You can’t grow in easy situations.

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