A Man And A Butter-Fly (Struggles make you Strong)

Once there was a man, who found the Butterfly Cocoon. He was watching for a long time.

He wanted to see how a butterfly manages its way through the cocoon. While he was watching this scene he found that the butterfly is having a hard to get out of it.

This butterfly was trying to get out of a very tiny place, it needed to force itself, or else it would remain there.

So butterfly was in its progress, It didn’t give up, But the man didn’t like it. He saw that it’s very difficult for butterflies to get out of this zone, I should help it.

He was a kind man, he couldn’t see the butterfly in a difficult situation, So he helped the butterfly.

then he took it out of the cocoon and allowed it to fly away, But something bad happened. He watched the butterfly for hours and hours, But it didn’t fly.

Instead, it was crawling on the floor. The men astonished, he was surprised, He wanted to know Why is this butterfly not flying? After watching it for some time he realized that it couldn’t fly.

It was because the butterfly wings were not tight enough,  The restricting cocoon and the struggle required by the butterfly to get through the opening was a way of forcing the fluid from the body, into the wings so that it would be ready for flight.


Sometimes the struggle is exactly what you need. It’s the secret to success.

It is helping you to find your best self, It’s training you for the tough situations ahead.

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