Little Boys And A Waitress (Don’t judge too quickly)

Once There was a little boy who went to the local restaurant.

He wanted to buy, Ice cream, So he asked the waitress, What’s the cost of ice cream? The waitress replied 2 Dollars.

He counted his money, and then asked again, What’s the price of a milkshake? The waitress looked at him so angry, Because there were a lot of people already waiting at the table, She had to serve all of them.

She replied 1.5 dollars.

The boy again counted the money, and asked her what’s the price of the water bottle? This time waitress was exhausted, People were waiting for her, She had to take other orders too.

But the little was there, Whose questions were not finishing. She somehow managed her emotions and replied  1 dollar.

Now this time the boy ordered his bottle of water. The waitress took his order and went away.

The boy paid the cashier and went away, So when this waitress came to his table, She couldn’t stop her tears, She saw 1 dollar on the table. Which was a tip from the boy.

The boy was asking the price, again and again, Because he wanted to give tip to the waitress. He would calculate his money again and again.


Don’t judge people too quickly. What you see is not always true, Sometimes the opposite is even the reality.

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