A Farmer And His Dog (Importance Of Goals)

Once there was a farmer who had a dog.

The dog would wait by the roadside and see the cars coming. When a car would come near to him, The dog would run behind it and tried to overtake it.

This was the habit of the dog, It would do it daily, There was no day passed that the dog didn’t do it.

One day the neighbor of that farmer asked him, will ever this dog overtake the car, Will he be successful doing this? The neighbor asked this question Because he was fed up with this dog doing meaningless things.

The farmer replied, that’s not the question, That’s not what bothers me. I don’t care if he will ever reach this car or not.

But what’s disturbing me is, Even if the dog reaches the car, What will happen? nothing.

The dog won’t get anything even if he manages to overtake the car. It’s useless.


Sometimes we do things that don’t mean anything. Even if we become successful doing it won’t do any good for us.

So always create goals, Know what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Stick to what’s important.

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